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Washington DC's Spring Revival - 2015

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Before the 2015 Spring Revival, we were called to prepare with one week of evening prayer meetings.  In the opening sermon on Sunday March 22, Brother Demetrius McElveen ardently exhorted our preparing for spiritual restoration.  In the sermon, we were reminded that the first step towards restoring a building is to consider its original design.

With text from I Samuel 5 and I Chronicles 13 we read that when Israel sinned and lost the Ark of the Covenant, David desired that it be returned to its rightful place.  Unfortunately when transporting the Ark the priests were unprepared and careless in handling it and so disaster struck.  Brother Demetrius noted that when we fail to prepare for the Lord, we face similar calamities in our lives.  God will surely come but if we are not prepared for Him, our spirits will be like Uzzah who was struck dead.  We were admonished to strive to be like Obededom who received God’s blessings.

On Tuesday the sermon was on repairing the altar of God, reinforcing the prior message. Brother Owolabi emphasized that in order for restoration to take place in our hearts we may need to repair the altar from which the work initially began. The key scripture in his message was found in 1 Kings 18:30-37 where Elijah called upon God to prove himself to the false prophets by consuming a sacrifice that was prepared paradoxically by adding a lot of water to the fuel;  God amazingly and miraculously sent fire from Heaven that consumed the sacrifice. We were exhorted that if God could create a fire on an altar in such an unusual condition, He could definitely do so in our hearts when we seek revival and restoration of our first love.

On Wednesday Brother Ayo Mobolurin inspired us from John 4:1-30 as he explained that Jesus went through Samaria, although the Jews avoided the city, just to meet the woman at the well.  The woman had a need and, even though she did not know what that was, Jesus drew her attention to the point of her need and that it was for Living Water.  She recognized her need and said "Give me this Living Water."  In the same vein, Jesus comes to meet us where we are, knows our needs, and can meet them.  We are all aware that a drought environment is not a pleasant setting to live in, conservation being required in such environments. Thank God we believers do not have a shortage of Living Water but can, with the same humility as the woman at the well, drink of Christ’s life eternal.

On Thursday, our guest speaker Reverend Sam Ajayi spoke on “The Lord prepared a whale”, taking his text from Jonah 1. He reiterated the fact that a sinner always attracts trouble and a disobedient Christian will always fall into trouble. However either can surrender to God and be changed. Brother Sam explained that while God prepared a whale to swallow Jonah in his disobedience the point was that God did not prepare the whale to punish Jonah but rather to correct Jonah. Every child of God has a need for correction because we are in an imperfect world, our souls live in an imperfect body. Today God prepares ‘whales’ in different forms and we misinterpret them as troubles and complain, whereas we should realize that it is God sending His Love to lift and recondition us though those trying circumstances.

On Friday, Brother Sam Ajayi encouraged cultivation of a thankful attitude. As a reference he read the scriptures about the ten men healed of leprosy. Unfortunately, only one of the ten men felt the need to come back to thank Jesus for the healing that he received. Brother Sam reminded the congregation of our unlimited God with unlimited power to perform unlimited miracles. He reiterated the fact that our God is able is to do anything with anything as well as doing anything with nothing. Obeying God is the simple first step to divine healing, be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. The sermon was a reminder that, without obedience to the Lord, we cannot do anything with or for God.

On Saturday evening we enjoyed a musical concert with a skit from the children. The evening started with congregational singing and orchestra choices. The adult choir selections included “All Hail the Power”, “Jesus I Believe/Why Should I Worry”, and “Across the Bridge” as well as “Sing Unto God” and “Kum Ba Yah”. The children enthusiastically sang “Sing Hallelujah”, “Alive Alive” and “I Am a C”. The children also presented a very enjoyable, witty, and realistic about gossip and its spread and poison. The skit was about a church of people with a culture of gossip. Through this skit the children learned and the adults were reminded how quickly gossip can spread and grow and that it is an abomination to the Lord. The evening closed with a presentation from Brother Sam on the gospel work of the Apostolic Faith Church in South America and Australia; it was wonderful to learn more about the Lord is doing there.

At the close out of the revival, Brother Sam admonished us to stand still and see the salvation of God.  He made a clear comparison between a cook who prepares meals in the kitchen to the work of the Lord in our lives.  While the food is still cooking one begins to smell the aroma, but that does not mean the food is ready. God is the Master Chef and He does not need our help to perfect his work in our lives.  Many times we want to help God in the kitchen of our lives, but that is when we derail God’s plan for us.  Abraham and Sarah thought they could help God fulfil the promise of a son, and the outcomes of their actions are still visible in the Middle East to this day.  Brother Sam declared that God was busy cooking something and instructed us to “get out of His kitchen!”  He remarked that, sometimes God has to put a leash on us so we do not get in His way.  When we are hedged in from every side, like Israel who was surrounded by the sea, mountains, and the mighty Egyptian army, God commands us to stand still because that is when He does the miracle.  The sermon, and the prior ones throughout the week, truly blessed our hearts.

Our Spring Revival sermon series are available here for listening!