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Youth Revival 2015, Theme: More Than Average

By Taiwo Oladapo, Fola Oludemi, Victoria Owolabi, Tumi Oludemi

The theme of our Youth Revival for this fall was “More than Average.”  The main text was taken from Philippians 3: 14, “I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling in Christ Jesus.” We had invitation flyers distributed around the church community as we approached revival. Saints also spent a week in prayer for the Lord to rain down blessings. Our guest speaker was Reverend Ron Gaddis from Richmond Virginia.

The first meeting was held on Wednesday and Brother Ron illustrated the life that was “more than average” from Philippians 3:14, the story of Paul the Apostle. Saul, as he was known prior to his conversion was a sinner who had expended his energy in persecuting the church of Christ. But after his divine transformation, he poured out even more of his energy for the kingdom, setting up an office in prison to write letters to saints in various churches in order to win souls for Christ. Brother Ron remarked that God did not save us from hell so we could only be average; he has given us a high calling.

On Thursday, Brother Ron challenged us to “remember that great work.” Taking his text from Exodus 14 & 15, he talked about the great miracles that God performed in delivering Israel from Egypt and paralleled it to the great work of salvation. But Israel soon forgot the miracles, stopped their singing and dancing, and murmured when they were thirsty at the waters of Marah.  Brother Ron emphasized that our salvation was a great work and the only instance it will diminish is when we lose sight of it! “What happened to that great work? Are you searching for more of God? Do you have an appetite for God that is so strong, that you can feel it when you have not prayed or read your bible in a day?” he challenged the congregation as the service came to a close and people came forward to pray.

On Friday night, Jessica Ekanem from Washington DC beautifully sang “I Can Only Imagine”. In his sermon later that evening, Brother Ron asked the saints, “Are we Making the Grade?” Just as students strive to make good grades in school, we must strive to make good grades in our Christian walk. Taking his text from 2 Peter 1: 2 – 8, he stated that God wants us to be partakers of the divine nature, and not to settle for mediocrity. He challenged us to put aside past victories and press on to new heights in the Lord. On Saturday, we had a session of praise and worship. In the congregation were also saints from sister churches including South Carolina and New York who joined us in praising the Lord. Brother Ron emphasized that the Christian life was the best way to live. God is not taking anything away from us, but is giving us the best.  He challenged everyone in the congregation that night to examine themselves, and for anyone who felt they weren’t where they were supposed to be in Christ to do something about it.

The revival services were concluded on Sunday. Brother Ron’s sermon was titled, “Sleeping with the Enemy”. Reading from Romans 12: 1 – 2, he cautioned the congregation to refrain from taking on the shape of the world, but instead to be transformed and different. He admonished the saints to get rid of any obsessions so they could receive everything God has for them. If we hold onto something that God doesn’t want us to have, we are merely “living corpses”. We are not called to lie with the enemy but to live for Christ! 
Souls were revived during this meeting. We continue to pray that God will keep us on fire and help us to live lives that are more than average for the kingdom.

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