The Music Ministry serves in many different capacities and consists of adults, youth, and children from different cultural backgrounds as well as varied musical abilities. Music provides a form of ministry to the congregation that enables the entire body to feel and experience a connection to God and one another. Musical performance such as choral anthems, praises, solos, and instrumentals are used to express elements of faith that would be inadequately stated by spoken words alone. In our services, music serves as a message proclaiming the glory of our God rather than a performance to highlight a talent of the musician.

Our music and lyrics are thoughtfully composed and arranged to praise God in His magnificent greatness. In doing so, our ultimate hope is that those that hear this music are made ready to receive His Word as it is preached. Through inspiring, but sacred choral works and instrumentals the Adult Choir and Orchestra collectively enrich our worship services by drawing the congregation into the transforming presence of the Savior, Jesus Christ. Instrumentalists regularly accompany the congregation with music during Sunday Morning Worship service. Each member brings a personal desire to lift up the Holy name of Jesus.

The Youth Gospel Choir (YGC) is composed of teenagers and young adults from the high school through college age groups. The YGC is featured every October during our annual Youth Revival. The group also participates in various programs within our home church and at sister churches throughout the year.

The Children's Choir is made up of children of ages 5 through 12. The Children's Choir performs during Children's Church service as well as Youth service. The children’s choir is performs for special events during the Easter, Christmas, Culture Day, and Children's Day programs. It is truly a blessing to see our children sing wholeheartedly their love for God.

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