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Expecting The People to Have An Enounter With God - Genesis 28: 10-22

By Sisters Linda McElveen and Victoria Owolabi

The Reston, VA parishioners have found another place and time to worship.  The Glades Community Center (11550 Glades Drive, Reston VA 20191) was converted into a sanctuary for the Apostolic Faith Church Northern Virginia Fellowship.   Apostolic Faith Church, Washington, DC Pastor, Rev. Josephine McElveen, members of the board of trustees, ministers, members, and visitors from the community joined the Reston Fellowship to dedicate and consecrate Glades Community Center.  After only being able to have services strictly limited to Sunday evenings at 6 p.m.  in Browns Chapel since 2007, the congregation will now have access to the Center the first, second, and third Sundays from 10:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m..  Sunday school will begin at 10:00 a.m. and Morning Worship services will begin at 11:00 a.m.   What a mighty God we serve!

Many members came to support this work.  With about 95 people were in attendance including members from New York, Baltimore and Washington DC, the Center was filled to capacity and there was a lot of excitement and the Spirit was high in the building.  Members came in early to set-up and organize the center.  One thing about working together is that you get a lot more work done a lot quicker, says one of the ministers. The activities of the day commenced with the Adult Sunday School being taught by the outreach leader, Brother Demetrius McElveen, while Sister Jumoke Shodeinde taught the children, and the youth leader Sister Blessing Mbang opened the Sunday school with an inspiring prayer.  Following the Sunday school was the commencement of the dedication service that started exactly at 11: 00 a.m. and opened with an orchestration “Just a Little While” and then the choir joined the organist; Brother Pierre Sukou sang: “Jesus Is Passing This Way” as well as “Lead on Lead on”. The music director Brother Akinyemi Seye Banjo led the congregational in joyfully singing the following songs and hymns: “This Is The Day”, “How Great Thou Art”, “To God Be The Glory” and “I Need Thee Every Hour”. 

The opening prayer was given by Sister Bernice Ogunsemore from the Brooklyn Church, New York, following the congregational prayer, Sister Shodeinde read the announcements. The Reston residents and those that have been worshipping with the fellowship from the inception were given the opportunity to offer testimonies of praise and thanksgiving. An elder, Brother George Cooper, who has resided in Reston for the past 30 years gave praises to God on how his association with the fellowship has enabled him to move closer to God as well as unified his family together. Also Brother Andrew Yankey gave thanks for the miraculous provision of the new facility as well as God’s spiritual and financial provision.  A senior, Sister Mercy Njoku, was also grateful for the facility while Rochelle Koroma was grateful for the impact the fellowship has made in her life.  There was an inspiring historical section titled “We Have Come This Far” shared by Brother Oludare Owolabi and Brother Babafemi Shodeinde where they mentioned and acknowledged how far the work has progressed and those the Lord had sent to help in the work. It was a presentation that had pictures and a short video clip of evangelism done in the Reston Virginia area. The presentation was followed by a violin solo by Sister Chindima Okwum-Emulo.

Pastor Josephine McElveen, joined by the ministers, offered a prayer of consecration for Brother Oludare Owolabi who will continue to lead the Reston Outreach work and his spouse Sister Victoria Owolabi; they were greatly touched by the Holy Spirit as the ministers laid hands on them during the prayer of consecration. We encourage all to continue to pray for the leadership as they reach out to those seeking refuge from any number of issues.  The Pastor reminded them that everyone came this day to support the Reston work, but there may be days when no one is around.  “Stay faithful, God will send you what you need!   May all who enter this building from today forward feel the presence of God!” The Pastor also gave a charge to the leadership from Jeremiah 1: 4 -8 and 2Tim. 4:5. Reading from II Kings: 22-23, 29-30 the Pastor dedicated the facility to God day and night. She was later joined by all the ministers to offer the prayer of dedication and we could feel the presence of God in the building.  May all who come within the walls of the Center be abundantly blessed!  Following the dedicatory prayer, a quartet (Bro. Banjo, Sister Shodeinde, Sister Kehinde Adebanjo and Brother Joshua Odumosu) sang “Once I Wandered Alone in Distress” and the Chair of the Board of Trustees, Brother Ebenezer Nettey, read from Revelation 4: 7,8.

Sister Shodeinde sang “A Might Fortress Is Our God” before the Assistant Pastor, Brother Ayodele Mobolurin, delivered the dedicatory sermon titled “An Encounter with God”. Using  Genesis 28:10-22 as his text he reminded the congregation to prepare to receive people that will come to have an encounter with God in this new facility.    The sermon was based on the story of Jacob who was running from his brother whom he had defrauded. A sinner is always on the run because ‘the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life’. Jacob ran up to a point but had an encounter with God in a place and called that place Bethel. We on our journey must have an encounter with God. Jacob promised to give a tenth of everything the Lord would give him back to the Lord. God cannot bless us if we are in a position of disobedience; he will bless only those that obey Him. God has invested so much in us and he expects our lives to bear fruit (fruits of the Spirit). The preacher encouraged the Reston fellowship to be ready to welcome those that will come because God prepared a place of rest for Jacob and those that will be coming will be running from troubles and when they come into the facility they will find rest. He also encouraged them to have ‘the fragrance of Christ’.  He prayed for the new facility which was not fashioned like a temple should look having gold and precious stones but that the place will be a place of encounter for many people. To those that will stumble upon the place after a long run, that they will find refuge and rest within the walls. He blessed the facility saying it will be a soul saving station, blessings will flow, and healing will flow. Every distressed soul that wanders into the facility will find solace and refuge. May God give a vision as he gave Jacob and plant our feet on the Rock Christ Jesus.  The Reston congregants covet prayers and support as they continue their fellowship in this new facility.