As an evangelistic church, we desire to share the good news of Jesus Christ with as many as possible. We primarily do this corporately through invitational mailings, open-air worship services, community targeting, and gospel literature distributions.

In fact, publication and free dissemination of gospel literature have always been important part of the work of the Apostolic Faith Church. Occasionally, the outreach team canvasses the neighborhood and local areas distributing Gospel literature and sharing personal testimonies.

 Literature is also distributed in conjunction with other types of outreach efforts such as services held on street corners, follow up with visitors, and special and home visitations.

Free tracts, magazines, and invitational flyers are available at the church and congregation members are encouraged to take a supply with them to give out whenever they have an opportunity. A wide variety of free published materials in multiple languages are available for any requesting them. Please visit Apostolic Faith Church Printed Resource.