Our worship services are held each Sunday morning at 11:00 am followed by an afternoon service at 3:00 pm. All are welcome. Services may include playing of musical instruments, choral singing, prayer, personal testimonies, scripture readings, evangelical sermons, and alter calls.

During prayer time at the alter, congregant of all ages are encouraged to pray through spiritual experiences including the born-again experience, entire sanctification, and the baptism of the Holy Spirit. The purpose of our worship service is to proclaim the Word of God and develop fully committed disciples of Jesus Christ. The Pastor and Associate Mininsters conduct the Sunday morning services.

Bible Studies

Bible studies are services held primarily on Friday nights starting at 7:30 p.m. Each Bible study is based on texts in the Holy Bible and opportunities are available for questions, comments, and discussions. The purpose is to provide an in depth understanding of the Word of God that could be translated into practical living. The Pastor, Assistant Pastor, ministerial staff, and Gospel workers conduct this activity.

Youth Services

The services for the youth are held on the selected Sundays of each month and is structured by and for the young people of the church. During the regular worship services, young people participate in the choir and perform in the orchestra. Currently, on the first and second Sundays of each month, the Children's church is held for children who attend preschool thorugh seven grade. In addition, youth retreats, workshops, and roundtable discussions are held at various times during the year. The purpose of these activities and services is to spiritually develop and train the youth as they grow in their Christian experience. Youth activities are conducted under the leadership of the Youth Minister and Sunday School Superintendent.