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Our media archive contains prior sermons as well as church-family events, such as our annual picnic. Our video collections are also available via our YouTube channel. We hope you find these videos useful and encouraging.


Recognizing th end of Black History Month with a church-wide cultural celebration has been one of our longstanidng traditions. And Covid-19 did not at all affect our ability to meet, greet, and worship on Culture Day 2021! In spite of being separated and worshipping virtually,

we still celebrated our cultural diversity and spiritual unit on February 28th. We heard quick 1-minute introductions to many of our congregants' cultures as well as caught replay glimpses of prior years' favorite moments. The morning's message, delivered by Brother Demetrius, was an uplifting encouragement while gathering together at the foot of the Cross.


What are the key attributes that will enable one to stand the test of time? It’s your spiritual foundation. If the foundation is right, it means it took sometimes to make your foundation right in the heart. Jesus tells the story about two builders. One who constructed his house on a rock, and

the other on sand. You might wonder why one would skip the important step of building a house on a right foundation. Not just on any foundation, but a ‘right’ foundation upon which the housing structure stands. In the same manner, we need to make sure our spiritual house is built upon the sure foundation Christ Jesus, the Chief cornerstone.