Sunday School

Sunday School is a primary focus of our church with a strong emphasis on community outreach. With classes for all ages and a wide array of teachers with life-application lessons, we believe Sunday School provides nourishment for continued Christian maturity.

Here at the DC Apostolic Faith Church we like to think of Sunday School as the “appetizer” to our morning worship service. Sunday School opens with a general assembly for all with prayer and singing before students are dismissed to their respective age-based class.

The Tiny Tot Class consists of children two years of age through kindergarten, with the Primary Class targeting those through third grade. These classes use the same curriculum, imparting Bible stories and very basic principles of knowing and loving God.

There are also classes for Intermediate (4th-8th grade) and High School as well as Young Adults (out of high school and below 30) and Adults (over 30).

The curriculum and class structure at these levels are designed to build a foundation for Christian growth (Juniors), to inspire consecration (High School and Young Adults) and to challenge spiritual maturity (Adults).  Sunday School leaders use multiple aids in imparting lesson objectives including Power Points presentations, music, videos, awards, and prizes for outstanding students.

The curriculum used in all of these classes are available online and can be downloaded.